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Do You Have Cleaning Needs That Are a Little Out of the Ordinary?

Pro Squared janitorial services will provide you with innovative, best in class solutions for the special needs of your facility. We will work with you to find unique solutions to your problem.

An example of our consultative approach includes a recent project where we worked with a major health care institution to clean and polish their floors. There were two major objectives for this project. We needed to make the floors look great (clean and glossy) and simultaneously exceed ANSI standards for slip resistance to ensure that we helped the client minimize slip and fall accidents and reduce the resulting liability. Contrast that to another medical facility with similar needs as described above, but because they focused on providing services to the elderly, they needed a matte finish on their floors to reduce seizures triggered by light reflections off the floor’s repeating pattern.

We have the experience, skills and expertise to assist you with virtually any special service project. Let us know what your challenges are and we will work with you to find a cost-effective solution.

Some of the projects we're regularly undertaking are:

Floor Cleaning, Waxing, Polishing & Burnishing

A vinyl floor depleted of its wax is more susceptible to dirt and can lead to permanent damage. Keeping your floor waxed will protect it and make it less slippery (modern floor wax is engineered to help prevent slip and fall accidents).

Specialty Office Cleaning

Having your office deep cleaned on occasion will restore the fresh feeling to your facility. Many of our clients ask us for a fresh start each spring; before the holidays and in preparation for important company events. When you need your office to impress, a deep clean will make sure that it does.

Polishing of Tile & Grout

Cleaning grout yourself is backbreaking work. We’ll not only clean the grout for you with our professional equipment and chemistry, we’ll apply a sealant afterwards to be sure it stays clean significantly longer.

Carpet Cleaning

We understand the importance of taking preventative efforts to keeping your carpet clean before it is permanently damaged. That’s why we use the most effective techniques for your business. Call us for a professional consultation on the best technique to use for your environment.

Move-in & Move-out Services

Moving is a busy and stressful time for most folks. Let us handle getting your new facility clean and ready for business and doing a final clean of your old facility so you have two fewer things to think about.

Porter Services

Our porters are flexible and will fulfill whatever needs your company has, whether it is maintaining the cleanliness of the common areas or lobby, removing trash, freshening up a conference room between meetings or restocking restrooms, we’ll get it done.

Other Restorative Cleaning

Over time, your surfaces can become faded or dull due to use, weather and sun light. But why replace it when you can restore it? Our services help to bolster your current surfaces, so that you won’t have to have them replaced in order to get a fresh, new look.

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