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Hard surface floors require a lot of work and maintenance to stay looking great and to maximize their usable life.  Additionally, regular floor cleaning, polishing and burnishing are required to remove dirt and scuffs and restore your floors to their original shine and to prevent slip and fall accidents in your facility.  Protective waxes are regularly used to preserve floors in large buildings such as schools, banks and retail stores.  Over time, the wax layer can become worn through constant use.  If the wax becomes depleted, the surface of the flooring material below will begin to suffer permanent damage from normal wear and tear.  To prevent this from happening, every building (large and small) with hard flooring should have a schedule for periodic floor maintenance service for their hard floor surfaces.

Pro Squared Janitorial Services is the leading choice for all floor cleaning and waxing services in Atlanta.  A freshly-waxed floor not only provides protection for the tiles below, but also gives a shine to your building, preserving the cleanliness and professionalism of your business or facility.  Additionally, a properly waxed floor will be less slippery (that is correct — less slippery even though it doesn’t look that way to your eye) and will minimize slip and fall accidents at your facility.  Our crews are specifically trained and certified to ensure that your floors meet or exceed all ANSI standards for floor slip resistance.

Every building’s floors are subject to differing amounts of traffic, and therefore floor waxing service will need to take place at different frequencies.  The professional floor cleaning experts at Pro Squared Janitorial Services will take the specific demands of your facility into account when determining an optimal schedule to keep your building looking great year round.

Our cleaning services are flexible and our prices are reasonable and offer great value.  We’ll help you determine how often we should return for regular floor cleaning based on the amount of traffic your facility receives.

For over ten years, our company has been serving the greater Atlanta metro area with integrity, professionalism, innovation and accountability.

Give us a call today, and find out how we can help you maintain your facility in tip top condition.

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