Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Q? How is Pro Squared different?

A. Most cleaning services deliver “clean”, otherwise they wouldn’t be in business for long.  We keep it simple and focus on consistency and value.

We don’t make you sign a contract.  You pay us and we expertly clean your property.  If we don’t receive your payment the following month, we call and ask if it was an oversight or if you would like to cancel our services.  If you are unhappy with us, we finish out the month and part ways.  We will ask you why so that we can get better and stronger as a company – please be honest and direct with us, it’s the only way that we can learn and grow.

Because we earn your business over again each month, we have a very large incentive to provide you with excellent cleaning services.  It means that we must address any issues that you have in a timely and professional manner to keep your business – that is our pledge to you.

For those of you who work for companies that require contracts or service agreements as a matter of corporate policy we can and will comply with your requirements — please contact us so that we develop a mutually agreeable service contract that meets your corporate requirements.

Q? Which areas do we serve?

A.   We provide service in the Atlanta metro area.

Q? What Services Do We Offer?

A. We not only seriously like cleaning, we’re also very good at it.  So, no matter which area of our expertise you tap you’ll end up with exceptional results.

  • Commerical Cleaning Services – offices, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, auto dealerships, museums, government facilities, doctors’ offices, medical centers, churches, kindergartens, senior residences, schools & higher education – to name just a few, ask us if we can help with your facility.
  • Specialty & Restorative Cleaning Services – floor strip & wax, floor polishing & buffing, restorative cleaning of tile & grout, professional carpet cleaning, ceilings (proprietary system) and walls, exterior surfaces, high-gloss cement and terrazzo floors and many more.  If its been dirty, we have cleaned it.  Just contact us about your needs and we will customize a solution with the right, skills, equipment and chemistry to get the job done.

Q? Who do I call when things go wrong?

A.  All of us are dedicated to assisting you.  Just call our customer service number 678-905-8881 or email us at

Q? How are we insured?

A.  We are covered, so you are as well.  We have all the necessary (and then some) insurance policies to perform any cleaning project you can come up with (other than planes in mid-air).  If you want to learn more about our insurance coverage, please contact our office at 678-905-8881.

Q? Do we screen our employees?

A.  You bet we do!  We thoroughly check the background of every single person who works with and for us.  We also make sure that you know who is on your property, so all our Technicians arrive in easily identifiable Pro Squared uniforms.

Q? What form of payment do you accept?

A. We accept checks, major credit cards*, ACH* and classic American sports cars!

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Pro Squared Janitorial Services:  Consistency. Simplicity. Value.

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