It’s easy to take the floors of your Jacksonville office building or commercial facility for granted. For one thing, you’re there to work, and you certainly have more pressing matters on your mind. For another, when interacting with colleagues and clients or handling business assets, your eyes and attention are not normally directed down at the floor. But while it is so easy to ignore your floors, it only means you should be enlisting professional commercial cleaning services to make sure they are not being neglected.

High Traffic/High Visibility

Because the floors in your halls, offices, and workspaces see a lot of traffic, they tend to collect dirt and debris that has been tracked in from all over Jacksonville. And because your floors see so much traffic, that means they also have a greater chance of being noticed by those walking across them. Those most likely to take notice are the visitors, which also tend to be the people whose perceptions you’re most concerned about.

Perception is Crucial.

As discussed in other articles, first impressions go a long way. A potential partner touring your factory, a customer shopping in your store, or a client visiting your office might not be so inclined to miss the things that you ignore from day to day. If they notice that your floors are dirty, it may lead to a negative perception of your business.

At Pro Squared Janitorial Services, we know you’ve got more to worry about than your floors. That’s why we offer a comprehensive menu of floor cleaning services, including commercial carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing, and regularly scheduled sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Contact our Jacksonville cleaning company today for a free estimate!