So you don’t think you need to hire professional janitorial services for your Atlanta business facility? Perhaps you think it’s no big deal, and that you can just have your employees pitch in. But at Pro Squared Janitorial, we know that neglecting your office cleaning is a recipe for disaster. All too often, we have been called in to handle commercial cleaning jobs that went unaddressed for way too long. The worst part is, these Atlanta area companies thought they’d be able to save a buck, but ended up paying much more in the long run. Here are a few of the things you will have to look forward to when you neglect your janitorial services.

Insects & Rodents In The Workplace

If your trash isn’t being collected and emptied on a regular basis, it’s a safe bet that there’s food in your office, and that’s an open invitation for all kinds of pests. Ants, cockroaches, mice, and even rats can be attracted to garbage and are sure to make even more messes as they attempt to dislodge their food, leave droppings behind, and damage property. Not only is such a prospect extremely bad for business, it can also lead to health risks as their germs are spread around the workplace.

Safety hazards

Cluttered offices, dirty floors, and stacks of files or equipment are just begging for a personal injury lawsuit. You might never see it coming until it’s too late, which is why you need reliable janitorial services to reduce the risk. Protect yourself and your business by keeping it clean and reducing the chance of an accident occurring in the workplace.

Low Productivity

When employees can’t find what they need, when they need it, that’s a problem. Keeping your Atlanta office tidy and organized is a must for any efficient business owner. Furthermore, an unclean workplace contributes to a negative attitude when employees begin to ask themselves, “if the company doesn’t value a clean work environment, why should I value the work I do for them?”

Loss Of Revenue

In the world of business, appearances do matter, and you don’t want to give your customers or potential partners any reason to form a negative perception of your company. Reliable janitorial services are the only way to ensure that those with whom you do business judge you solely on your merits, and not the state of your bathrooms.

Don’t let these consequences of a dirty workplace happen to you; contact Pro Squared Janitorial Services today to pave the way for a successful business!