Few things in the American work world are as reviled as the dreaded Monday morning. If you run an office or other type of business, motivating your staff to be productive at the beginning of the week can be a real challenge. In this blog, Jacksonville’s provider of commercial cleaning services gives you a few ideas for accomplishing the monumental feat of rallying your team on a Monday morning.


It’s no secret that employees love free food, so why not spring for a tasty surprise to start the week off on the right foot? Bacon and eggs provide the necessary protein will that fuel people to do their best work throughout the day. Bagels, donuts, and an assortment of fruit are also a welcome start to any day.

Good News

If there’s any piece of news that you know your employees will appreciate, such as a company-wide bonus or an unplanned day off, Monday morning is the time to tell them. Giving your employees something to look forward to is a great way to help them take their minds off of the fact that it’s early and they’re at work.

Cleaning Services

Nobody wants to show up for work on a Monday morning only to face the same old dirty office that they left behind on Friday afternoon. With Pro Squared Janitorial in your corner, that will never be a problem. Let our team get in there over the weekend and we’ll put a new face on your workspace, leaving it bright and spotless to set the stage for a productive Monday morning. To find out how effective and affordable our cleaning services really are, contact Pro Squared Jacksonville today!