If you operate a retail business here in Jacksonville, you’re probably aware that your customers can be extremely messy. Of course, when they’re in your store spending money, you never want to make anybody feel unwelcome or that they are inconveniencing you by creating more work for you and your staff. In such cases, it may be best to hire our commercial cleaning services, allowing you to keep your shoppers happy while saving time so that you can focus on running your store. Here are a few of the customer messes that many Jacksonville retailers have to deal with.

Dirt & Traffic

It’s funny how most people will wipe their feet thoroughly or even remove their shoes before visiting a friend in their home, but no thought is given to dirty shoes when they’re out shopping. If you run a store that’s open to the public, it is inevitable that you’ll get all kinds of dirt and mud tracked through your store. Our cleaning company can help you keep those floors looking great with regular mopping, waxing,polishing, and carpet cleaning.

Drops & Spills

Grocery stores in particular are susceptible to shoppers dropping products that can create a real mess. Jelly, syrup, flour, and beverages can all cause a huge problem when their containers break open. What’s worse, when not cleaned properly or completely, many foods will leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt and ends up looking horrible.

The World Is A Kid’s Bathroom

Kids have a way of finding places to do their business that are definitely not the first choice of any retail store owner. Parking lots, dressing rooms, and even in the middle of an aisle are not unheard of places, especially when a kid strays from their parents and really has to go. Needless to say, these kinds of messes are bad for business and should be dealt with immediately.

If you need help cleaning up after your customers, commercial cleaning services from Pro Squared Janitorial are just what you need.Contact us today to learn how we can help your business!