Professional Janitorial Services for any Facility

There’s no job too big for Pro Squared Janitorial Services. We offer a wide array of cleaning services in and around the Atlanta metro area. We clean everything.  If you have a facility, Pro Squared Janitorial Services can clean it and keep it clean.

Let us keep your facility looking clean and inviting while you worry about running your business. We have the equipment and experience to keep any area of your facility looking great.

If you don’t see the type of cleaning service you’re looking for on our site, just ask us! We have years of experience in keeping facilities clean and chances are that we have done the kind of work that you are looking for.

We provide commercial cleaning services to a variety of businesses and organizations in and around Atlanta including:

  • Small businesses
  • Large corporations
  • Auto dealerships
  • Churches
  • Public and private K-12 schools and higher education campuses
  • Medical centers
  • Senior residences
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Government buildings
  • And virtually all other commercial, industrial, institutional or multi-tenant buildings

We have professional crews and managers with many years of experience and we know how to do our work professionally and efficiently.  More importantly – we know that providing the service you need goes well beyond knowing the chemistry of cleaning and how to use a mop properly.  Overseeing janitorial services for your office is not something you want to think about every day.  You just want your work environment to be clean so you can go about your business.  And we agree!

As your office cleaning service it is up to us to make 100% sure that you are satisfied.  That’s why we visit you on a regular basis.  We won’t take much of your time, in fact, we’ll only be a few minutes unless you want us to hang around.  These visits are important to us because without your feedback we don’t know if you are delighted or frustrated.  Also, we can’t respond to your needs unless we carefully listen to you and translate your input into even better service.

We live up to our motto of Consistency. Simplicity. Value.  And we keep it simple — starting with contracts.  There are none.*  You pay us, we clean your property gladly and expertly.  If you are unhappy with us (perish the thought), stop paying and we will finish out the month and terminate our service delivery to you.

Another tool we use is our easy to use, one click monthly survey and a comment section.  It is simple and it aids us in delivering consistent value to you.

In addition to on-going commercial and office cleaning services with a regular schedule, we also provide one-time cleanings for special occasions, such as the annual board meeting or a company-wide event where every surface needs to sparkle.  We can also support you during stressful move-ins and move-outs or we can help you recover from a disaster like a fire or flood.

Contact us to discuss your unique facility challenges anywhere in the Atlanta metro area.

* If a formal contract is required due to your company policy, compliance or billing requirements, we can accommodate your needs and will prepare a formal contract for your review.

Pro Squared Janitorial Services:  Consistency. Simplicity. Value.


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